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  • The Calming Tree

The Calming Tree

Acrylic painting 18” x 44”.
 I’ve come to realize I am drawn like a pulling […]

  • The Barn

The Barn

The Glory of America. Pencil Artwork 16″ x 20
Some would say “Its just another […]

  • The Forgotten

The Forgotten

Original Watercolor
16” x 20”
This is an illustration of real people who have come to […]

  • Soaring At Long Last

Soaring At Long Last

Original Oil & Acrylic
24” x 46”
I love music, it keeps me balanced and in […]

  • Sunflower & Glass Table

Sunflower & Glass Table

Original Watercolor & Airbrush
11” x 14”
A brilliantly colored bouquet of stunning yellow sunflowers,
and dazzeling […]

  • The Jade Wave

The Jade Wave

Original Watercolor & Guasch
16” x 23” Framed

The inspiring qualities of a wave are forever […]

  • Tranquil Moment

Tranquil Moment

Original Watercolor & Gauche Framed

Searching and finding one moment, or if lucky, a lifetime […]

  • The Trestles In Our Minds

The Trestles In Our Minds

Original Pencil Art Illustration
16 x 20“ Framed

Since day one, I’ve so enjoyed the ability to […]

  • Style and Grace

Style and Grace

Original Pencil Art Illustration
27.5” x 23.5” Framed

I must have passed this Victorian home a […]

  • Dream Come True

Dream Come True

Original Pencil Art Illustration
23” x 27.5” Framed

From a restaurant view just across the harbor, […]

  • Purpose and Clarity At Last

Purpose and Clarity At Last


Original Watercolor & Gauche
18“ x 21”There’s nothing like knowing your direction has been honest, […]

  • Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

17.125” x 14.125”
Original Acrylic Framed

When I moved to California back in 1974, all you […]

  • Our Brave Eagle, Home At Last

Our Brave Eagle, Home At Last

A beautiful rendition of the California Coastline.
 Original oil painting
23.25” x 19.25” Framed

An original oil […]

  • Customized Artwork

Customized Artwork

Originals In Pencil, Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic or Colored Pencil on canvas, paper or Other […]

  • Artist Tools

Artist Tools

Watercolor & Guasche
I painted this beautiful sunset giving credit to a few of the […]

  • Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Original Pencil Art Illustration  27.5” x 23.5” framed.

I, like so many of us, could […]