Rarely does a project come through our door that does not require a photo shoot. We understand that your photographic needs vary from soup to nuts at any given time, that’s clearly OK. One day a portrait setting with corporate leaders, the next a product line shoot that needs to sizzle, jump off the page with clean, detail-rich digital photography. Since 1976, that’s the kind of dedication and attention to detail we’ve given to every assignment. So, In that tradition, whether it’s time to update those brochure images, website shots, trade magazine photo’s, you name it… feel at ease calling Fine Art Studio on your next photo assignment. Our average rates start at $225/hr, go as low as $175 when booking multiple hours and include moderate digital retouching. Some shoots are billed by the project and could equate to less overall. Rates might vary for adding models/extras, make-up, wardrobe, props, long distant location shots, depending on the details of the shoot. Thank you!Fine Art Studio - Tustin - Photography